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New Life

Vital energy is the secret of life. To lead a happy and positive life, we must have positive vital energy. In this drill, we will learn how to develop our potentials through developing our vital energy, and how to clean our bodies and places from negative energy and renew our positive aura.

Purpose of Training:

The purpose of training is to recover positivity, healthy life and hope in order to keep pace with life; develop the focusing system, cementing memory and will.

The participants will gain new information that can be imbued in daily life to realize the objectives of this course.


  • What is Aura? How to test your energy? How to develop and grow your aura?; and the use of aura in daily life activities.
  • Healthy food and beverages.
  • Return to Nature in daily life.


  • Training on how to clean the body and place from negative energy.
  • Training on how to breathe to circulate blood in the body and increase oxygen (Circulation).
  • Focusing or concentration drills; how to use the eye-brain technique in focusing
  • Nerves and concentration drills: how to use the eye-fingers
  • Different types of self-massage by foot.

Additional Information:

Seven types of herbs; their uses and links with activation of energy will be provided.
Four types of incense, & their uses.
Type of oriental tattoos, various therapeutic and cosmetic functions.
Course duration: Six hours plus one and a half hours for lunch break
Total: seven and a half hours

on Saturday at 10 am and ends at 17:30 PM from 10:00 – 17:30

Cost of training: € xx,xx for each per person.

You are kindly advised to register via the following email:

HaesHealth@yahoo.com        or       bassam313@yahoo.com


This course can be given out of Koln in Germany, EU, UK, and Arab countries.

There will be a free of charge invitation to attend an introductory session for one hour

Next Time:   MONTH  YEAR  at 00:00 PM

at the moment no Seminar

Free of charge lectures and courses will be presented on the following address:

Feng Shui Center
Thürmchenswall 66 A
50668 Köln

You are kindly advised to register for free lectures by writing to the following email:

bassam313@yahoo.com     or     HeasHealth@yahoo.com