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Human Aura Energy Spirit

Each human being has his own electromagnetic flux that surrounds their body. It is called the vital human energy. The electromagnetic flux undergoes changes within one day into different colors and shapes according to the psychological and health state, tiredness and rest as well as other daily variables. If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, you will have to strengthen and activate your vital energy on continuous basis. Vital energy, known in Arabic as “Nur” or “Aura” is a fact that has been recognized since time immortal. Man painted pictures of saints and angels surrounded by an aura or halo in various places of worship. It was the Russian engineer, Kerlikian, who discovered that energy in 1938 when he invented the camera that recorded that energy.

My name is Bassam Shukri.I was born in Baghdad, 1954. I have had that natural power since I was born, helping people recover by virtue of my own “Aura”. The electromagnetic flux in my body is higher than the normal level. I have used it in different fields including the provision of help to treat others. After long years of experimentation, I devised in 1980 this technique which combines Prana with that of “Hand of Light”.

The style of treatment begins with the use of “my Aura” along with that of the patient whose body is never touched as the whole matter lies only in energy. I used this treatment in Iraq till 1991. Since then; I have helped many people with this cure in countries such as Jordan, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah), Bahrain, China, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

Diseases Treated by This Method

Asthma: from 5 to 20 years of age only; lower parts of the back and neck pains, knee pain, heartburn, headache. You can inquire about the possibility of treating other diseases.

Duration of the session: 30-45 minutes. The patient may need one or several sessions as per their health condition. Any person who wishes to clean his body from negative energy and the activation of self-energy may take a special session.

You may visit me at my address below. If you cannot, I can visit you in your places without any surcharge provided that you live within the borders of the city of Koln (Cologne) in Germany.

Travel expenses out of Koln will be added to those of the treatment which can be provided within EU, UK, and Arab countries after coordination and agreement. If the people concerned were out of Koln, it would be preferable to treat a group of patients in one day so that the expenses of travel can be divided among them.

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