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HAES Human Aura Energy Spirit

Each human being has his own electromagnetic flux that surrounds their body.
It is called the vital human energy. The electromagnetic flux undergoes changes within one day into different colors and shapes according to the psychological and health state, tiredness and rest as well as other daily variables.
If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, you will have to strengthen and activate your vital energy on continuous basis.
Vital energy, known in Arabic as “Nur” or “Aura” is a fact that has been recognized since time immortal.
Man painted pictures of saints and angels surrounded by an aura or halo in various places of worship.

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Vital energy is the secret of life. To lead a happy and positive life, we must have positive vital energy.
In this drill, we will learn how to develop our potentials through developing our vital energy, and how to clean our bodies and places from negative energy and renew our positive aura.

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Golden Aura Massage

The Golden Aura massage combines a relaxing massage with an energy focused healing massage.

The treatment starts with cleansing the body from all negative energy & toxin and then it is energized followed by a relaxing massage from head to toe.

This massage will cleanse the body from negative energy that comes from the use of electronic gadgets like Mobiles, TV, computers etc