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Bridges to the Soul: A Photographic Exploration of Visual Spirituality 1999 Amman, Exhibition on the occasion of the new millennium

The Photographer: Bassam shukri

The exhibition’s theme stems from the photographer’s personal quest for spirituality. Bridges to the Soul is the photographer’s first exhibition and marks the first of a series of  forthcoming works in which the researcher and photographer explores visual aspects of spirituality.

The Exhibition’s theme:

For thousands of years, places of worship contained visual elements that enhanced the relationship between the individual and the spiritual space, or man and the Creator. These visual aspects had been the tools that allowed religious buildings to send messages which allude to powerful spiritual and symbolic imagery. Hence, they become bridges to the soul since they contain a transcendental quality that transforms the viewer’s vision from perception to insight. The exhibition is an invitation to cross these bridges through photographs of mosques and churches in Jordan. In an age where skyscrapers and huge buildings seem to have attracted more attention than religious buildings in its powerful popular imagery, how far can a photograph of a cross or a crescent on top of a dome allow us to cross the bridges from perception to insight?

Meta-architecture is the key concept of the exhibition, a concept that provides an opportunity to explore religious buildings through reflecting upon five specific aspects of religious architecture: 1) Reaching the sky through the use of rising high structures and towers 2) emphasizing symbolic signs such as the cross or the crescent 3) Fusion of the building with natural surroundings 4) The use of intricate details and colours that allude to the universe 5) reflected shadow and light on parts of the building.

The Photographs in the exhibition are displayed according to these five bridges.

Bassam shukri
e-mail: bassam313@yahoo.com
Amman 20-11-1999